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The wildlife rescue centre, south of Highbridge, had an open day and quite an operation it is.

Voluntary Jobs

Here’s my latest post on the ChatterBirds blog: all the way from still sat in front of your computer (or whatever device you use to read this) to confronting the guns of Malta. Tweet

1999: Woodcock at Crawley, Hants

From December 14: “The second day of the Winter Farmland Bird Survey and I would cover the eastern half of New Barn Farm. It was considerably colder than the first day with a crisp frost underfoot. It was also considerably quieter on the bird front with a few chaffinches and a couple of skylarks among […]

2000: Summer Bird Count, Los Trancos Woods

On June 3 I officially added my 152nd Santa Clara species: “Nancy Teater and I spent three hours basically walking the Franciscan Loop this morning. It’s amazing how long a couple of miles can take when you’re seriously trying to ID birds! “We started with the Tweet

1999: Winter Farmland Survey

A cheeky chaffinch got the ball rolling before I even got out of the car at New Barn Farm.