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Secret World & Secret Somerset

The wildlife rescue centre, south of Highbridge, had an open day and quite an operation it is. […]

Voluntary Jobs

Here’s my latest post on the ChatterBirds blog: all the way from still sat in front of your computer (or whatever device you use to read this) to confronting the guns of Malta. Tweet

1999: Woodcock at Crawley, Hants

From December 14:

“The second day of the Winter Farmland Bird Survey and I would cover the eastern half of New Barn Farm. It was considerably colder than the first day with a crisp frost underfoot. It was also considerably quieter on the bird front with a few chaffinches and a couple of skylarks among the inevitable pheasants and partridges.

“However, the highlight of the month occurred as I started down the second field. A large bird whirred off in front of me and I took it to be more…

2000: Summer Bird Count, Los Trancos Woods

Los Trancos Woods

On June 3 I officially added my 152nd Santa Clara species:

“Nancy Teater and I spent three hours basically walking the Franciscan Loop this morning. It’s amazing how long a couple of miles can take when you’re seriously trying to ID birds!

“We started with the more…

1999: Winter Farmland Survey

A cheeky chaffinch got the ball rolling before I even got out of the car at New Barn Farm. […]

Brown Pelicans, California

These guys are having a hard time of it, thanks to weather and now us. However, thanks also to the generous among us, they are getting some help. Locally, this means rehabilitation and food but globally it also means funds to pay for it. So, everyone can help. Tweet

Chuckling Chaffinch

This marks the beginning of spring for me, so today’s male was trying it on a bit. […]

White-Headed Magpie

The creature looked for all the world like a giant long-tailed tit. […]