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Tales Told by an Idiot

Science fiction, mystery and metaphysical short stories and sketches […]

Survivors, Terry Nation

Better than the TV series, which hung a few stock drama plots round an ill-thought-out human dieback scenario. […]

Strategy to Save the Planet

To continue with the political content of Deep Green Resistance. […]

Frankenstein: Cause for Complaints

I can cope with the wordiness and convoluted sentences but Victor Frankenstein goes on and on about how miserable he is. […]

Tasks Ladder

Nobody has ever asked me, “How do you decide what to do next?” So here’s my unawaited answer. […]

The Meaning of Life

Is that all there is? We’ve all asked that question. Who am I? What’s my role? […]

Birding for…

Blaise Castle Estate, Bristol

A planet where all organisms, and even the rocks, air and seas, fulfil their roles, designed over millions of years; where we fulfil a new role of appreciating and guarding the Earth. It’s the only home for us and our fellow creatures, certainly until more…

The Mission

New Reality

The most important thing about me is what I can do for Planet Earth. It needs all the help it can get. So whatever effort I make and whatever money I earn goes straight back to the World. The most valuable bits of which, on a personal level and as indicators of environmental health, are more…

2008: Pemberton? And Beyond?

It was a coin toss, effectively. I chose just as randomly, as throughout the tour – some good ones, some bad ones, some very bad ones. My days of building spreadsheets with weighted pros and cons had disappeared in 2001 with the advent of the Landmark Forum into my life. The power of choosing without reason, of being unreasonable, was then mine.

Pemberton it was. The Important Bird Area of Sandy Island and its fairy terns would have to await my next visit, not that I knew it existed back in 2008. Instead my Lonely Planet recommended more…