Airship Shape & Bristol Fashion

In the light of this week’s Archdruid Report I’m inspired to post my review of this science fiction collection

Windy Wiltshire

This year has started warm and energetic. Gales swept in from the Atlantic by a jet stream that’s misbehaving again.

Year List Doldrums

Medmerry was new to me because it is new. It’s another flood mitigation scheme, like Stert in Somerset. This is how the future is going: retreat in the face of rising waters.

Running on Emptiness, Zerzan

The gap between machines and humans is shrinking, but not because machines are becoming more human

England Month List

Flooding and gales continue to play a supporting role. The River Avon at Ibsley (and all the way up to Salisbury, and then the Wylye beyond) was still spreading across its valley. Many trees were down through Hampshire and Sussex. Pennington was wetter than I’ve seen it.