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Year List Doldrums

The list did take off again at Pilning Wetland on the Severn Estuary […]

Running on Emptiness, Zerzan

The gap between machines and humans is shrinking, but not because machines are becoming more human […]

England Month List

Three weeks now have brought me a mere 94 species […]

Flooded RSPB Greylake

Can we infer that floods are good for birds? […]

Inner Bristol Sandpipers

Common sandpipers on the Bedminster side of the New Cut this lunchtime were unexpected […]

The Revenge of Gaia

James Lovelock is largely rehashing what he’s said before […]

The First Waves

The next edition of Let the Time Come will probably turn the book into a two-volume story […]

Survivors, Terry Nation

Better than the TV series, which hung a few stock drama plots round an ill-thought-out human dieback scenario. […]

Let’s Innovate

There’s a cost to innovation, which we may not see, but there’s no free lunch in this corner of the Universe. […]