Year List Doldrums

Medmerry was new to me because it is new. It’s another flood mitigation scheme, like Stert in Somerset. This is how the future is going: retreat in the face of rising waters.

Turtle Dove, Woods Mill

Purring out the back of my brother’s place near this Sussex Wildlife Trust reserve.

Black-Winged Stilt, Meare Heath

This Somerset Levels bird hung around late Sunday evening, thank God

Migrants for the Year List

Five grey wagtails round the New Cut and Floating Harbour, and three swifts were another first for the year list.

England Month List

Flooding and gales continue to play a supporting role. The River Avon at Ibsley (and all the way up to Salisbury, and then the Wylye beyond) was still spreading across its valley. Many trees were down through Hampshire and Sussex. Pennington was wetter than I’ve seen it.