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High Tide, Mark Lynas

This book now challenges the reader to ponder if climate crises are one-offs or part of global warming. […]

The Revenge of Gaia

James Lovelock is largely rehashing what he’s said before […]

Plan B for the Planet

Conservation has made progress, but more so has industrial civilisation in its dismantling of the planet. […]

Let’s Innovate

There’s a cost to innovation, which we may not see, but there’s no free lunch in this corner of the Universe. […]

Who Is on the Planet’s Side?

Who has invested their life in the natural world, seen the damage and wants to fight back? […]

Birdstack Shut Down

Now just eBird remains, although it has gone worldwide. […]

Tasks Ladder

Nobody has ever asked me, “How do you decide what to do next?” So here’s my unawaited answer. […]

Dear Santa

free rent, background extinction, $500 at poker, less population, Premium Bonds win […]

Pokerbird Is Risen

the blog lives again on DreamHost but it runs slower than a constipated turd […]