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Blue Grosbeak, 2001

Two more species for my Santa Clara county list at the largest of its parks – Joseph D Grant […]

Tales Told by an Idiot

Science fiction, mystery and metaphysical short stories and sketches […]

The Forge of God, Greg Bear

It got me reeled in and I stayed hooked to the extent that I couldn’t put the book down. […]

Somerset Birds in January

New for me in Somerset was an obliging ring-billed gull near Woodford Lodge at Chew Valley Lake. […]

Secret World & Secret Somerset

The wildlife rescue centre, south of Highbridge, had an open day and quite an operation it is. […]

Another Chicxulub Crater

The authors of The Life and Death of Planet Earth imagine another strike in the Gulf of Mexico. […]

Chicxulub Meteorite: the Early Hours

Scientists have agreed that it did end the Cretaceous Period. […]

High Tide, Redux

Spring Tide, Portishead Pier

Further to my ignorance about the highest tides, a lively debate has ensued on BirdForum. Maybe not the ideal platform but here’s our understanding as I understand it.

Several factors determine the tide’s height. Yes, proximity of the Sun is one. Newton’s calculation for gravity, by which the Sun (or the Moon) pulls Earth’s oceans, has the pull grow as the distance shrinks between two bodies. It grows proportional to the square of this distance. So, more…

Forward to the Future

Few mammals survive longer than ten million years and we’ll be lucky to make our millionth birthday. […]