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Screwing Civilization IV

Will 2016 see the descent from peak oil? […]

Hoopoe for the British List

About ten miles away from home a splendid specimen dropped into Sand Bay, North Somerset […]

Tales Told by an Idiot

Science fiction, mystery and metaphysical short stories and sketches […]

Survivors, Terry Nation

Better than the TV series, which hung a few stock drama plots round an ill-thought-out human dieback scenario. […]

The Forge of God, Greg Bear

It got me reeled in and I stayed hooked to the extent that I couldn’t put the book down. […]

The Crack, Let the Time Come

In his distraction Manny tripped and the flasks tottered and swayed. […]

Damage Time, Colin Harvey

No speculative fiction writer is penning anything but a dystopic future, and Colin was no exception. […]

Frankenstein: Cause for Complaints

I can cope with the wordiness and convoluted sentences but Victor Frankenstein goes on and on about how miserable he is. […]

BristolCon ’11

A couple of hundred science fiction and fantasy types descended on the Bristol Ramada. […]