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High Tide, Mark Lynas

This book now challenges the reader to ponder if climate crises are one-offs or part of global warming. [...]

Blogiversary Books

Civilization by Niall Ferguson and Nathan Wolfe’s The Viral Storm [...]

Thoughts from Blagdon Lake

Imagine the uproar if humans went into any sort of decline [...]

A Short History of Progress

Ronald Wright really has written a shorty at 132 pages of contents [...]

The Long Summer

How Climate Changed Civilization [...]

Climate Wars

The Fight for Survival as the World Overheats [...]

Damage Time, Colin Harvey

No speculative fiction writer is penning anything but a dystopic future, and Colin was no exception. [...]

Brown Teal, Tiritiri Matangi

With fewer than 1,000 in the entire world it’s as good as extinct. There’s really no way back from that low a number. [...]

The Long Emergency

Surviving the End of Oil, Climate Change, and Other Converging Catastrophes of the 21st Century. [...]