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High Tide, Mark Lynas

This book now challenges the reader to ponder if climate crises are one-offs or part of global warming. [...]

More Interesting Times

Superstorm Sandy recalls a post from nearly three years ago as I looked forward to more hurricanes [...]

The Revenge of Gaia

James Lovelock is largely rehashing what he’s said before [...]

A Short History of Progress

Ronald Wright really has written a shorty at 132 pages of contents [...]

Tales Told by an Idiot

Science fiction, mystery and metaphysical short stories and sketches [...]

The Long Summer

How Climate Changed Civilization [...]

Hen Harrier, Ystradfellte

The course of Avon Llia was pretty enough for a Forestry Commission plantation, thanks to the stream itself [...]

Storms of My Grandchildren, James Hansen

A book that isn’t going to kick industrial civilisation out of its inertia [...]

Six Degrees, Mark Lynas

Degree by degree, research from climate modelling and, more telling, what’s happened in the past uncover what’s likely in store for us [...]