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Who Is on the Planet’s Side?

Who has invested their life in the natural world, seen the damage and wants to fight back? […]

Brown Teal, Tiritiri Matangi

With fewer than 1,000 in the entire world it’s as good as extinct. There’s really no way back from that low a number. […]

2009: New Zealand Plovers, Miranda

So it was that tuturiwhatu became my next lifer but not before tuturiwhatu had joined the trip list. You read that right. […]

Mission: Honeyeaters 15% Off

Use coupon code JULY305 at checkout and receive 15% off Mission: Honeyeaters. […]

Towards Mission Honeyeaters

£5.99 An account of exploring localities in Singapore & Western Australia […]

Hawaii to Malaysia Corrections

Birdstack is highlighting errors I made in my sightings: errors and modern usage… […]

The Sixth Extinction

It may even attain end-Permian proportions, when 95% of all species disappeared. […]

More Armchair Ticks

IOC taxonomy has changed – twice since I had it at 10,347 species but only this month’s version has affected me. […]

2009: New Zealand Honeyeaters


A year ago to the day I had just disembarked on Tiritiri Matangi and was wondering which would be my next new land bird for the trip.

“Only the most obvious and the bird most likely to be seen on the mainland. Indeed, one I had seen both north and south back in 2003, so it wasn’t a lifer. One sassy enough to survive the invading Europeans and big and noisy enough to impinge on the new national consciousness, even to the extent of more…