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Blue Grosbeak, 2001

Two more species for my Santa Clara county list at the largest of its parks – Joseph D Grant [...]

Italian Sparrow, Venice

Ten years ago in the southern Venetian Lagoon my 790th world species was Italian sparrow [...]

Inner Bristol Sandpipers

Common sandpipers on the Bedminster side of the New Cut this lunchtime were unexpected [...]

July Slumbers

The birding everywhere last month was slow [...]

American Robins, 2001

December 23rd at Fremont Older OSP in Cupertino. Or is it Saratoga? [...]

An Urban Merlin (or Two)

I trust my snap identification, on the whole. So, merlin goes on the Bristol list. [...]

Tales Told by an Idiot

Science fiction, mystery and metaphysical short stories and sketches [...]

PS Waverley, Bristol Channel

Oil-fired paddle steamer and worth it for the smell and action. And warmth. [...]

Ruth Gurowich, Winchester

November 18, 1962: “Ruth died, my friend.” Now I’ve found a record on FreeBMD. [...]