Frankenstein: Cause for Complaints

I can cope with the wordiness and convoluted sentences but Victor Frankenstein goes on and on about how miserable he is.

Tree or Meadow?

In the context of Bradnor Hill on the Welsh edge of Herefordshire you’d think meadow

The Mission

The most important thing about me is what I can do for Planet Earth. It needs all the help it can get. So whatever effort I make and whatever money I earn goes straight back to the World. The most valuable bits of which, on a personal level and as indicators of environmental health, are […]

2010 Newsletter

Subscribe to Newsletter Email: Visit this group That’s what I may as well call it, so long has elapsed since the last one. I’m hardly abusing folks’ email addresses! On that subject this is the last letter I’ll post to those I have gleaned in my mail client. Here on in I’m leaving the mailing […]

Thank You Anyway, Prize Cow

My prize cow was a career in computer programming, which I killed in 2002.