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Marsh Sandpiper, Frampton

There was a consistent posse of watchers for this corner of Gloucestershire […]

Highlands Rain

Glencoe was alive with silvery filaments streaming down every hillside […]

Adelaide Aliens & Listing, 2008

Since the mid-1970s shooters and trappers have had to stop the advance of our starling into the west […]

Glen Isla, 2004

A beautiful, if somewhat crisp at the start, day in the foothills of the Cairngorms. […]

Dear Santa

free rent, background extinction, $500 at poker, less population, Premium Bonds win […]

Dead Bird News

The latest is again murderous Malta, killing spoonbills this time. Just before that, rare whooping cranes are being shot in the southern USA. That’s what happens when ignorant rednecks get hold of guns.

No, expand that thought: the Department of Agriculture (or is it the Fish and Wildlife Service? How these people love to hide behind their meaningless, anodyne titles) slaughters millions of birds in the USA every year, without bothering more…

Voluntary Jobs

Here’s my latest post on the ChatterBirds blog: all the way from still sat in front of your computer (or whatever device you use to read this) to confronting the guns of Malta. Tweet

Corn Bunting, Dyrham Park

Not quite on the National Trust estate but by the road down to Marshfield, which is their local stronghold. […]

No Swallows at Tyntesfield

Nor anywhere near me so far but some are back: both Bristol and Clevedon message boards have reported them. […]