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Civilization IV Collapse

2008 rolled around and with it the temptation to simulate the banking crisis […]

Blogiversary Books

Civilization by Niall Ferguson and Nathan Wolfe’s The Viral Storm […]

England Month List

Three weeks now have brought me a mere 94 species […]

Bedraggled Bedfordshire

I was definitely hitting the part of England that has seen record January rainfall […]

Tenerife Raptors

Three species of raptor for Tenerife, with the osprey as a big bonus […]

Water Rail, Farlington Marshes

Here’s a Hampshire site I’ve visited since 1995 […]

Thoughts from Blagdon Lake

Imagine the uproar if humans went into any sort of decline […]

Nightjar, Burrington Ham

Just the one bird but my first for four years and species number 190 for Somerset […]

The Revenge of Gaia

James Lovelock is largely rehashing what he’s said before […]