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Baby Blackbird

Mum and Dad have been in attendance and the very jail-like attributes of our yard do serve to keep predators out. […]

Recession Busters

Titles in my Lulu bookshop are as much as 50% off and until 31 January 2012 take a further 25% off these prices. […]

2009 Victoria Fires & Extinction

Victoria’s death toll had risen to 25 with fears that the final figure could top 100. […]

Secret World & Secret Somerset

The wildlife rescue centre, south of Highbridge, had an open day and quite an operation it is. […]

A Miracle


Quite without any intervention from me, the blog has resurrected itself and all the old incoming links work again. How can this be?

Well, my story is set somewhere around my website host so I’ll be changing that, probably to one that specifically supports WordPress, like more…

“Put That Light Out!”

Ah, the old ARP warden (what was his name? Hodges? Doesn’t that sound officious too?) from Dad’s Army and his immortal line. The penalty for not doing so back in those World War II days might be a German bomb on the head. Today, it may be the future of the whole planet, or at least our future on it. May be. Too important to gamble with anyway. Get over to Earth Hour for the full scoop on lights off at 8.30 tonight.

Hey, and more…

Donations So Far

Build a British Bird List

So, as noted, part of my mission or raison d’être is to channel scads of dosh into bird and conservation charities. To this end I’m giving 50p of every British Bird Tour book sale… nay, every single damn book I sell, to the following peeps:

The Mission

New Reality

The most important thing about me is what I can do for Planet Earth. It needs all the help it can get. So whatever effort I make and whatever money I earn goes straight back to the World. The most valuable bits of which, on a personal level and as indicators of environmental health, are more…

2-Day Bird Tour round London

2-Day Bird Tour round London

After yesterday’s debacle with the pale buzzard, I’m going to stick to something I do know about and offer a 15% discount on it. A programme of the top three birdwatching sites reachable from Central London, especially by public transport. This should net you about 60 species. The star of the city is more…