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Running on Emptiness, Zerzan

The gap between machines and humans is shrinking, but not because machines are becoming more human […]

IOC Turns to IOU

The IOC has done the ultimate by renaming itself to the International Ornithological Union. […]

Brown Teal, Tiritiri Matangi

With fewer than 1,000 in the entire world it’s as good as extinct. There’s really no way back from that low a number. […]

The Vanishing Face of Gaia

This is “A Final Warning” from James Lovelock, who first proposed the holistic Gaia hypothesis. […]

Tree of Life

For three and a half billion years species popped up like crazy, like a tree sprouting branches, and twigs and leaves. […]

Convergent Evolution

200 million years ago heavy volcanic eruptions may have caused the mass extinction that defines the boundary between the Triassic and Jurassic periods. […]

Wrens Split: Birds to Go Solo

The Troglodytes Family – American twins, Hiemalis and Pacificus, and leader Troglodytes himself – will pursue their own solo careers. […]

Tree(s) of Life, 2008

Walpole-Nornalup National Park

Karri and tingle. Don’t they sound so southern hemisphere? OK, downright Australian? These trees dominate a little southwestern corner of the country. The red tingle in particular is tall – well tall enough to make its treetop walk a real adventure. An atavistic adventure.

Something within us must recall our early arboreal existence. How else could we be so more…

Endangered Species & Biodiversity

Our relentless killing of anything on the planet that gets in our way. […]