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Bridled Tern, Farne Islands

On Inner Farne I hoped the long-stayer was still there […]

Black-Winged Stilt, Meare Heath

This Somerset Levels bird hung around late Sunday evening, thank God […]

Bristol Day List

Common sandpiper in the New Cut, then a great crested grebe outside Cumberland Basin […]

Bedraggled Bedfordshire

I was definitely hitting the part of England that has seen record January rainfall […]

Highlands Rain

Glencoe was alive with silvery filaments streaming down every hillside […]

Steyning, West Sussex

I can drink Harveys around here. In Beeding the Kings Head serves it and in Bramber is the Maharajah. […]

A British Thanksgiving

Curry & Beer

Just to participate – I feel 10% American anyway having spent that much of my life over there – thanks for curry and beer. That’s got the food out of the way. To expand on the gratitude for this blog, thanks for the Web 2.0 in general. What a great way of connecting and forming new friendships, old ones of which are also on my thankful list.

Thanks too for more…