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Screwing Civilization IV

Will 2016 see the descent from peak oil? […]

Civilization IV Collapse

2008 rolled around and with it the temptation to simulate the banking crisis […]

Civilization IV Decline

Simulate depletion of resources and the spiralling costs of maintaining an ever more complex civilisation […]

Civilization for Anarchists

Not aiming to expand an empire, just survive the expansion of others […]


to be as uncivilised or anarchic as possible […]

The Work/Bird Balance

I’m seeing common birds for the first time in 2013. That’s what full time work does for you. […]

Woodpeckers & Water

A juvenile great spotted woodpecker perched openly on a sapling in the middle of Port Marine […]

2009: Not Quite Freycinet, Tasmania

On the eastern seaboard Tasman Highway, heading north to Bicheno for the road down the other side of Moulting Lagoon. […]

Halting State, Charles Stross

The story is a neat twist on a whodunit: the sleuth must enter a computer game to follow the trail of the crime. […]