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Guns, Germs, and Steel

Perhaps the book should have been called crops, germs and mammals […]

Running on Emptiness, Zerzan

The gap between machines and humans is shrinking, but not because machines are becoming more human […]

High Tide, Mark Lynas

This book now challenges the reader to ponder if climate crises are one-offs or part of global warming. […]

Blogiversary Books

Civilization by Niall Ferguson and Nathan Wolfe’s The Viral Storm […]

Bedraggled Bedfordshire

I was definitely hitting the part of England that has seen record January rainfall […]

Iberian Green Woodpecker

The IOU world list split Iberian green woodpecker into its own species, Picus sharpei […]

2013 Year List

174, with some interesting omissions. Treecreeper, for instance. And I haven’t seen a goldcrest. […]

Prepping the Campervan

Ideal for an adventure-packed holiday for two […]

The Valentine’s Freezeout

Two queens peeked back at Montague Pool. Two more women to pile more misery on a miserable day. […]