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Marsh Sandpiper, Frampton

There was a consistent posse of watchers for this corner of Gloucestershire […]

Prepping the Campervan

Ideal for an adventure-packed holiday for two […]

Morcombe & Linnaeus

At the Botanic Gardens in Perth, Michael Morcombe’s Australian field guide came into my life […]

Adelaide Aliens & Listing, 2008

Since the mid-1970s shooters and trappers have had to stop the advance of our starling into the west […]

2008: Goodbye, Perth (Western Australia)

A little further on from Subiaco is Bold Park and the western headquarters of Birds Australia. […]

IOC Turns to IOU

The IOC has done the ultimate by renaming itself to the International Ornithological Union. […]

Who Is on the Planet’s Side?

Who has invested their life in the natural world, seen the damage and wants to fight back? […]

Flinders Birds, 2008

I turned back pre-breakfast to see what birds were up and about early to scrape a living from the desolation. […]

2009: Not Quite Freycinet, Tasmania

On the eastern seaboard Tasman Highway, heading north to Bicheno for the road down the other side of Moulting Lagoon. […]