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The Honeyeaters' Tree

The Honeyeaters’ Tree (travel and birds)

A quest for this quintessentially antipodean family of birds uncovers the tree of life and the landscapes of Australia & New Zealand.

From the UK and a Singapore stopover the traveller journeys to a week around Perth. Then two months in a campervan from Adelaide to Cairns, Queensland. He learns how the tree of life connects the whole globe.

The route also skirts floods and cyclones. A fortnight in Tasmania and Victoria, with its fatal fires, concludes this far from straightforward quest for the 73 honeyeaters. Finally, New Zealand offers a coda with its own branch of the family.

It’s not just birds that fill out the story: it’s a last chance to witness other survivors from the Triassic before they succumb to this human-caused mass extinction. Railways, cities and culture shock also play cameo roles.

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The British Birding Year

The British Birding Year

A diary of written sketches celebrating the avian and natural spectacle of Britain. The birdwatcher travels the length of the country to record birds in flux. The weather changes too and a long-term trend emerges, also affecting the lives of birds.

Plus a checklist ordered by Britain’s most common birds and our migrants’ early/late dates. Enter shop for price or check the eBook. It’s on Kindle too.

Let the Time Come

Let the Time Come, 1st Ed (apocalyptic fiction)

After centuries of extinction and abuse by an ever growing population, birds become mankind’s nemesis. Bird flu causes a human dieback. It would be poetic justice, if they’d meant it. But nature isn’t like that: it just happens. Three singular people must survive worldwide pandemics while on a quest for meaning, identity and love. But time reveals one further snag for all of humanity.

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From YouWriteOn: “…an original voice…” “Three good characters on which to base a strong story.” “…lucid and intelligent…”

Tales Told by an Idiot

Tales Told by an Idiot

Science fiction, mystery, metaphysical and drunken short stories and sketches of Bristol, Edinburgh and… er, San Francisco.

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Hidden Bristol

Hidden Bristol

Stories of ghosts, tales of riots, anecdotes of love and legends of lost and forgotten Bristol. This anthology is the perfect companion to the Bristol Writers Group‘s evening of Thunderbolt Tales. Being part of the Group, I even get honourable mention from Word of Mouth for this.

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British Bird Tour Books

British Bird Tour Books

The budget-conscious option to bird tours or hiring guides. Each booklet gives up-to-date details for an itinerary of the best sites. Find the greatest number of species while fitting in the rest of your visit. And go green too: train and bus access is also listed.

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Build a British Bird List

Build a British Bird List

New to, or just recently started birding? Wonder which are the birds you’re most likely to see? The first part of this book lists 250+ species in just that order. Now you have a plan to make a solid start on your British list. The next part lists likely sites for the species towards the end of the order. An appendix gives early and late dates for most of our migrants.

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