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Tasks Ladder

Nobody has ever asked me, “How do you decide what to do next?” So here’s my unawaited answer. […]

The Meaning of Life

Is that all there is? We’ve all asked that question. Who am I? What’s my role? […]

Birding for…

Blaise Castle Estate, Bristol

A planet where all organisms, and even the rocks, air and seas, fulfil their roles, designed over millions of years; where we fulfil a new role of appreciating and guarding the Earth. It’s the only home for us and our fellow creatures, certainly until more…

Wotwasit: Adventures of a Birding Sleuth

As in a whodunit, the birder plays Sherlock Holmes (or Miss Marple?) […]

The Future Looks Bright

Following on from the mission, the plan is in place – Plan A. There is no Plan B. […]

The Mission

New Reality

The most important thing about me is what I can do for Planet Earth. It needs all the help it can get. So whatever effort I make and whatever money I earn goes straight back to the World. The most valuable bits of which, on a personal level and as indicators of environmental health, are more…

Objections, M’Lud. Overruled!

Why worry about resources in the natural world? Won’t science come to our rescue? […]


Travel is about experiencing differences but, being human, we present them as: our way, right; their way, wrong. […]

Thank You Anyway, Prize Cow

My prize cow was a career in computer programming, which I killed in 2002. […]