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Alcohol-Free May

A burst of energy launching my C++ website and Let the Time Come taking on a life of its own. […]

Baby Blackbird

Mum and Dad have been in attendance and the very jail-like attributes of our yard do serve to keep predators out. […]

Hurray! Birds Fight Back

Mute swan effectively drowns a kayaker. […]

Dog Chasing Swans

A dog pretty much does a circuit of a Portbury Wharf pond in pursuit. […]

Birdstack Shut Down

Now just eBird remains, although it has gone worldwide. […]

Avon Bird Sightings, September 2011

As reported to the Bristol Ornithological Club. […]

See No Evil

Nelson Street in Bristol is the city’s newest art gallery. Graffiti now adorns this dingiest of thoroughfares. […]

Bristol Art & Pocket Kings

At the Royal West of England Academy, you can get closer to Damien Hirst’s Charity up on the balcony. […]

“Put That Light Out!”

Ah, the old ARP warden (what was his name? Hodges? Doesn’t that sound officious too?) from Dad’s Army and his immortal line. The penalty for not doing so back in those World War II days might be a German bomb on the head. Today, it may be the future of the whole planet, or at least our future on it. May be. Too important to gamble with anyway. Get over to Earth Hour for the full scoop on lights off at 8.30 tonight.

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