Current World Population

Around 7,000,000,000 – yup, count all those zeroes (seven billion in words).

The P Word

Letters pages rock. Mr Angry in full cry. Or Ms Angry in the case of Carolyn Anderson in this winter’s Wildlife Trust magazine. She writes that advertising for flying holidays “is an insult to the intelligence and principles of your readership.” Hey, count me out, Cazza. (I can call you Cazza, can’t I?) I’d love […]

Local Patch Buntings Cling On

Reed buntings, to be precise. And no further than 100 yards from my gaff, in the narrow strip of saplings that leads onto Portbury Wharf. Two individuals, male and female, were there a couple of days ago, and again this morning. With breeding very much on birds’ minds now, this pair may be prospecting nest […]

The Modern Slave Trade

The attitude folk had towards their slaves has its similarity with today’s pet owners.

Help the Planet: Kill Yourself

Failing any other way, it’s a fine last resort and exactly what the planet may do unto us before we do unto it.