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Thoughts from Blagdon Lake

Imagine the uproar if humans went into any sort of decline […]

Deep Green Resistance

A “Strategy to Save the Planet” for those sick of species extinction and the death of life. […]

The Long Emergency

Surviving the End of Oil, Climate Change, and Other Converging Catastrophes of the 21st Century. […]


All along a stretch of waste ground that runs on my way to Waitrose in boomtown Portishead. […]

Kestrel, Portishead

For only the second time one, a male, of these splendid little falcons was hunting in the scrub near Kestrel Court. […]

Meatless Monday

I think it was Paige who flagged this and it attracts such luminaries as Simon Cowell (!), Yoko Ono – rather less surprising – Gwyneth Paltrow… oh, and you can see the rest of them on the Meatless Monday website. Not that celebrity is necessarily a recommendation but meatless must mean birdless, […]

The Truth about Cats & Dogs

A touching notion that informing dog-walkers about birds would solve a problem. […]

Aren't All Dogs Dangerous?

Weston & José Enacting Dog-Fleeing Scenario

Snapping at the heels of pets as slaves, which I fully expect the government to ignore, Labour has dangerous dogs in its sights at least. Compulsory insurance for all pooches may be their answer. I’m sure we’ll get the usual whining about “the small minority” of irresponsible owners.

Not such a small minority that dog shit, for instance, isn’t a daily problem. So far the only solution to that appears to be more…

May You Live in Interesting Times

Volcanoes, earthquakes and bush fires decimating residents of the only land they can squeeze on to. […]