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Italian Sparrow, Venice

Ten years ago in the southern Venetian Lagoon my 790th world species was Italian sparrow […]

Morcombe & Linnaeus

At the Botanic Gardens in Perth, Michael Morcombe’s Australian field guide came into my life […]

IOC Turns to IOU

The IOC has done the ultimate by renaming itself to the International Ornithological Union. […]

Tree of Life

For three and a half billion years species popped up like crazy, like a tree sprouting branches, and twigs and leaves. […]

Convergent Evolution

200 million years ago heavy volcanic eruptions may have caused the mass extinction that defines the boundary between the Triassic and Jurassic periods. […]


For most folk the first visible sign of spring will be the first wheatears returning from their African winter home. […]

Hawaii to Malaysia Corrections

Birdstack is highlighting errors I made in my sightings: errors and modern usage… […]

IOC Splits in Birdstack

Great tit split into Japanese and cinereous in the middle of 2008, nuthatch spawning Siberian at the same time. […]

White-naped Honeyeater

A brief but memorable stop in Cania Gorge, Queensland furnished my only sighting of this Melithreptus species. […]