Dear Santa

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Free PDF Download Broken on Lulu

And not just for me but for all publishers/authors, it seems, since the 9th. So, it’s Dropbox to the rescue and clicking on Let the Time Come should take you to Acrobat or whatever you use to read PDFs. It’s more than a meg so best not attempted over a dial-up. From there you can […]

Free Novel: A Romantic Tragedy

After six years this is approaching readability and it’s about time I had someone else’s opinion on that. So, the book is available as a free download and I’d love to hear what doesn’t work for you, what’s missing, what’s downright confusing, where you gave up, what’s wrong and where the plot-holes are. I know […]

Free Maps

Belatedly to celebrate the opening of this blog and to mark the fact that I consistently bypass the Lake District on my Scottish travels, I’m giving my Outdoor Leisure maps away. Yeah, they’re about 20 years old – so, they’re yellow, not orange – but not too shabby and I don’t think the footpaths have […]