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Pokerbird Is Risen

the blog lives again on DreamHost but it runs slower than a constipated turd […]

A Miracle


Quite without any intervention from me, the blog has resurrected itself and all the old incoming links work again. How can this be?

Well, my story is set somewhere around my website host so I’ll be changing that, probably to one that specifically supports WordPress, like more…

Oh, and before I Go…

…one final post to see how the RSS feed and email subscription are working. This means that anyone who is using either will probably lose it when the blog moves. Sorry about that in advance.

See you on the other side! Tweet


This blog has suffered major, possibly fatal, damage – the equivalent of a stroke that has left it blind and deaf. (For the techies: something, probably my Web host, has decided that all URLs ending in a slash should generate a 404 – page not found. WordPress uses this as its default permalink – why, oh why? Net result: more…

Birdstack Import Complete

Nearly sixteen years’ worth of data has whistled from my local Wildlife Recorder to the global cloud […]

(Not) Sorting in Excel

Grrrr! From right back at late 2000 in my Birdstack import all my heard and pending records have gone in wrong. The reason? That was when I started putting Wildlife Recorder’s output into correct date order to keep that sequence in Birdstack’s widgets. Remember? I did this courtesy of Excel’s sort button, which very kindly and logically reminds you that more…

Birdstack Widgets

One commentator has called these cool and they are cool, and various of them have graced individual posts thus far. Now they are aggregating into their own page, which holds lists that I am sanity-checking on my way through the sightings import. This has reached the end of 2004 so most of the widgets are not yet up-to-date, excepting more…

Using Birdstack in a Blog

But first: I thought I’d finally hit an inconsistency in importing my life list to the end of 2003. Wildlife Recorder had my total as 791 against 790.

Oh no! That would have taken some detective work to isolate and I was about to don the old deerstalker and dust off the magnifying glass. But I remembered more…

Worcestershire Complete to 2002

In my Birdstack import it was a bit of a trial locating all the county sites I’d been to. […]