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Blue Grosbeak, 2001

Two more species for my Santa Clara county list at the largest of its parks – Joseph D Grant […]

Wood Ducks, Stevens Creek

I wonder if they may even be attempting to breed […]

American Robins, 2001

December 23rd at Fremont Older OSP in Cupertino. Or is it Saratoga? […]

Arastradero, 2001

A three-hour turn round one my favourite preserves finally located the male Lawrence’s goldfinch. […]

Bay Area Swallows, 2001

Continuing my Santa Clara sightings later in March, at Alviso Marina. […]

Proper Wigeon at Sunnyvale Baylands ;-)

by which I mean Eurasian, not one of these new-fangled American types […]

White Gull at Alviso, 2001

Myrtle Warbler

My 187 Santa Clara County species by February 1 has an element of hindsight to it. I would have counted one fewer at the time because Audubon’s and myrtle warbler were both yellow-rumped warbler. I’d been happy to count indistinguishable birds as the nominate Dendroica coronata, and hence myrtle warbler, because I’d already had them on my USA list, starting from 1996 at more…

2001: Glaucous Gull, Palo Alto

I had my reward in the afternoon at the Baylands duck pond. […]

Alviso Gulls, 2001

Large Pale Gull

The first day of the New Year brought me Santa Clara species number 182 with Thayer’s gull at Palo Alto Baylands. I had more than one again on the 26th at the Environmental Education Center plus a gull that I was desperate not to be a more…