Reckless Writing

Yup, I’ve also dared to write Novels, a Travelogue & Movies

2010-date Booklet: a collection of vignettes about the British birding year

2010-date Booklets: various for individual travellers to discover their own birds without a guide

2010/11 Articles for ChatterBirds Blog – “Great job, superb subject matter expert, highly recommended.”

2010 Booklet: how to build a British bird list

2010 Blog for the Weston & Somerset Mercury

2009-date Travelogue: a quest through Singapore, Australia & New Zealand for honeyeaters and the Tree of Life

2009 Article for 10,000 Birds against bird-hunting in Malta

2009 Screenplay as part of the Water of Leith team producing Starfish for Edinburgh’s 48 Hour Film Project

2009/10 Blog about how not to play poker

2008 Screenplay as part of the Water of Leith team producing Buffet of Death for Edinburgh’s 48 Hour Film Project

2006-date Novel: two kids growing up in the 60s & 70s, from this century’s view of one of them – 2/3 complete

2005-date Sci-Fi: a Scottish cyborg narrates the emigration of a fleet of arks from a dying Earth – 4/5 complete

2004-date Novel: a visionary tale of meaning, identity and love during flu pandemics

2003/4 Collating and writing species accounts for Angus and Dundee Bird Club‘s annual reports

2002 Writing site accounts for Santa Clara Valley Audubon Society’s Birding at the Bottom of the Bay

1993 Dissertation on Genetic Algorithms

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