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Travelling Birder & Writer, and C++ Programmer

I’m not the Andy Gibb but my computing website would beg to differ and I did have the name first so I’m sticking to it. Back in Bristol since 2009, writing novels since 2004 and a birder since 1995, I first came to the city as a student in 1974.

Yup, I’m ancient as Hell and have been around a bit – Italy, Germany, Arizona, Connecticut, California, Australia and New Zealand. And what’s it taught me? Not a lot but I have seen 1,089 bird species. Indeed, I’m a lister, traveller and blogger, and together they fashioned my latest book – a road trip through Australasia.

One of my novels, an apocalyptic, story is complete as a first edition, although I’m reworking a second, more thriller-like version of it. Both have a romantic sub-plot. Another book is science fiction and the third is semi-autobiographical, about growing up in the 1960s and 70s. Throw in birding booklets, the odd short story and movie and that’s my oeuvre.

My philosophy stems from creating the freedom to live my way although I do see it as a consequence of taking on 100% responsibility for my life – the other side of the coin, as it were. I have Landmark Education to thank for that. I am now heavily into the ethics (and otherwise) of deep green conservation.

I also play a little Texas Holdem poker online, support the Saints, and dabble in movies, modern art and whatever my latest fancy is.

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