Weston Waxwings

Waxwings, Weston-super-Mare

Annoyed that I didn’t register this flock on the way back from last weekend’s pied-billed grebe (I’d refuelled the car at Morrisons), I skedaddled back down the M5 to Weston-super-Mare. At the very least I would cash in a voucher at Tesco and mooch round likely areas to live.

You can tell I wasn’t in much of a frame of mind when I pulled into Morrisons car park again. I expected to drive round and round, maybe break with a Costa coffee, walk around again – all to add a species that’s been quite common this winter. So what was in the first tree I encountered?

The obvious profiles of some dozen or so waxwings. Easy. I parked quickly and strolled over to what turned out to be a flock of thirty. When I say tree, sapling would be a better description so the birds were close. Better still, they were feeding on low bushes and I got a few decent level shots of them, without straying too near. I didn’t want to disrupt them from the life-and-death business of stocking up for survival. A few other cameras – far more serious jobbies than my little point’n’shoot – were also in attendance. Good to see that even long-staying birds continue to attract attention.

So, the Somerset list rises to 189 (not the Avon list though; check the waxwings at Avonmouth for that). The year list must also be moving along, but not in too spectacular fashion as I’ve already bemoaned. I’m hoping to get up to Scotland next month, which should help. If work doesn’t get in the way. It still seems odd to be saying that. I have to pinch myself from time to time.

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