Floods & Finches

Figures from agricultural websites suggest that farmers have had a hard time sowing winter crops because their fields are sodden. This was predictable while the rains were at their peak and won’t be helping food security or prices. It’s another example of how climate change costs us.

But of more interest to this blog is the effect on wintering birds. With land no longer under its industrial cosh, it may lie fallow and even grow something or keep its old cover, with seeds that birds can eat.

My drive through the lanes to Slimbridge on Saturday took me past big flocks of chaffinches, which may have been no more than normal or a slice of luck. One person’s observations don’t amount to a whole hill of beans as a trend but a raft of similar sightings would be a different matter. Our finches may be benefiting from the floods.

Certainly the ducks and gulls are loving it as plenty paddle the washed out fields of the North Somerset Levels on my daily way to Yatton. Has anyone else noticed all this?

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