3 Years of Port Marine Birds

January 2010 I returned from a snowy Scotland and started logging the birds around here. This month seems like a good checkpoint as I might be moving, back into Bristol or, easier for Yatton, on to Weston-super-Mare.

So, which species have been ever-present round the unpromising Port Marine development? Counting at most one appearance per month, I could get a possible maximum of 38 and – drum roll – those are:

Mute Swan
Herring Gull
Wood Pigeon
Oddly short of 100% are:

Feral Pigeon
Carrion Crow
Pied Wagtail
They may be more down to observer (me) negligence than absenteeism. What about the rarities? Once only observations for:

Tufted Duck
Common Gull
Willow Warbler
Species that might be considered rarer but that have figured more often are:

Mediterranean Gull
Black Redstart
The rest of the full list is:

35	Canada Goose
35	Collared Dove
35	Blue Tit
35	House Sparrow
34	Robin
34	Greenfinch
33	Great Tit
31	Mallard
31	Moorhen
31	Dunnock
30	Black-headed Gull
29	Eurasian Wren
28	Chiffchaff
26	Cormorant
26	Lesser Black-backed Gull
26	Long-tailed Tit
21	Rock Pipit
19	Meadow Pipit
19	Chaffinch
18	Sparrowhawk
16	House Martin
16	Blackcap
15	Barn Swallow
13	Song Thrush
13	Bullfinch
12	Swift
9	Whitethroat
9	Redwing
8	Buzzard
7	Redshank
7	Skylark
6	Kestrel
5	Goosander
5	Lesser Whitethroat
5	Black Redstart
4	Greylag Goose
4	Grey Heron
3	Green Woodpecker
3	Reed Warbler
3	Reed Bunting
2	Oystercatcher
2	Mediterranean Gull
2	Kingfisher
2	Great Spotted Woodpecker
2	Rook
2	Raven
2	Fieldfare
2	Mistle Thrush
2	Lesser Redpoll

for a not very impressive 71 species. This compares with other places I’ve lived like tiny, wee Auchmithie with 93 in much less time. It’s all down to habitat, you know.

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