Who Is on the Planet’s Side?

John Muir 1912
A Man – Beware!

One example the authors of Deep Green Resistance propose is the indigenous, the displaced peoples and those still being displaced. As though they had some moral superiority; as though they had something to teach us. I don’t buy this noble savage concept. As I’ve said, human nature suggests they would emulate us Westerners if they could.

History bears me out: waves of extinction have followed in humanity’s wake, wherever it went. From The Honeyeaters’ Tree here’s a passage about two indigenous cultures I have seen:

“When the Maoris arrived… they managed to wipe out all the moas and an eagle that preyed on them, among a slew of other species. Don’t believe that crap about indigenous races being the guardians of the Earth. It’s as false for the Aborigines, who also caused a massive extinction when they crossed over from Indonesia. They slaughtered every creature larger than themselves, which were manifold, as well as a good selection of smaller animals. Dreamtime for Aborigines; nightmare for native Australian species.

“God knows what damage these noble savages would have wrought with our level of technology. God does know and so do we: we’re seeing it now.”

OK, let’s be on their side but recognise that they run to a different agenda. Allies while it suits them, they may become a liability. The new humanity will require a 100% commitment to the planet, not to one species, race, clan, gender, social class or whatever.

Even more dangerous is the book’s focus on gender. It’s hard to ignore the anti-male sentiment and ultimately even harder to take it. I’m uncomfortable about being equated with rapists. I bet that alone loses 50% of the potential readership – no, more than 50%. In my experience men form the large part of those who have invested their lives in the natural world, who see the damage and who want to fight back. To alienate them is at best dumb; at worst nasty.

Without much enthusiasm I read on because the book’s solution is the best we have with systems the way they are and the time available. I wish it weren’t but a war on industry seems the sole counter to the war it’s waging on our home. And quick, before it destroys our home.

This book needs trimming by a couple hundred pages to focus on Planet Earth as the Cause, not on men and “the 1%” as the causes. At 300 pages it may even reach a wider audience.

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