We Don’t Need a Badger Cull

Why? Because farmers are unilaterally killing them anyway.

Pastoral myth it may be but the circumstantial evidence is too strong to deny it. To whit: today on my way along the A369 to Bristol (for How to Survive the Future, which is a whole post by itself) I passed two badger corpses. This is a stretch of road that has seen none in the two-and-a-bit years I’ve been travelling it. What sort of coincidence is that?

The sort explained by a farmer killing the badgers and dumping the bodies to make them look like road victims. And of course the clean-up crews remove the remains no questions asked, also complicit in civilisation‘s slaughter of the creatures.

A farmer surely wouldn’t be so stupid as to have the corpses so close together? Why not when no-one’s going to give them a second thought. Why not even if they look remarkably healthy compared to the squished and bloody messes one sees of roadside foxes, hedgehogs and pheasants.

Just in case you still think it may be coincidence, consider the four dead badgers I saw within ten miles between Frome and Warminster on my last trip east to Sussex. The same phenomenon; the same lack of mess; the same coincidence?

So, why cull when you can kill through the back door?

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