The First Waves

The First Waves

The next edition of Let the Time Come will probably turn the book into a two-volume story, starting with a tentative title of The First Waves. I have so much material and the opening volume may form a decent enough sub-arc to stand alone. Indeed I’ve sold the latter years of the story short enough that they may expand into their own volume too. And what does that give us?

That gives us a trilogy! Anyway, download for free the opening 150-ish pages and see what you think.

While I’m banging about the growth of the book, I’ve just unearthed these thoughts.

Five Years Ago

“It’s further through than I’d thought. Getting to first draft is a milestone but, once there, the book was a dead duck and just a practice, so it didn’t feel like I was anywhere.

“A decision to resurrect it kicked me into another phase. It was like the distinction between failure and success. Left as it was, the book was a failure but as a platform for the next version, I could call it a success. I had all the words – not the exact ones I would have chosen but place-holders for the words that would finally appear.”

That reminds me of Eric Morecambe explaining to Andre Previn: “I’m playing all the right notes – but not necessarily in the right order.”

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