Tasks Ladder

A propos of nothing, absolutely nobody has ever asked me, “How do you decide what to do next?” So here’s my unawaited answer.

I make a list of my tasks. Nothing new there but they are in no particular order. Then I take the top two and ask, “Which is more important?” If it’s the first, I do it, not necessarily to completion, just long enough (some of my tasks will take years). Then I take number two and three and ask the same question. And so on.

Any time the latter of the pair is more important, I swap the two and move on to the next pair. It works like a squash ladder.

Because I have too many tasks, I stop doing them somewhere down the list and just swap the remaining tasks as necessary, which in time should bubble up to become doable. Then I return to the top.

It’s simple and, unlike most systems, not an entire task in itself. It has little overhead and is also kinda fun. That’s why I am where I am today. Er… not really anywhere at all.

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