Survivors, Terry Nation

Published in ’76 so this is of interest as an historical read if nothing else. I also hoped for better than the TV series, which hung a few stock drama plots round an ill-thought-out human dieback scenario.

Both book and television conveniently have everyone park their cars before dying to leave the roads empty and navigable. Petrol is also freely available. Perversely the power goes out everywhere and radio and TV fail. Later on, the fabric of the road system also stays intact without the continuous maintenance it needs. True, there’s almost no traffic but water at the very least would cause it to deteriorate.

By this time the main group of survivors has turned into a commune with no discernible leader. And there’s even a passage of someone questioning why society should return to its old industrial model. Philosophically then the book has further merit.

It does turn into a good read of the grim survival sort. The ending seems a little abrupt and forced, maybe with the thought that a sequel was around the corner. The most heartening aspect of the whole production was the number of typos and unedited sentences that had crept through. As a 100% DIY self-publisher, I feel my record isn’t too bad in comparison. Who needs perfection?

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