Ruth Gurowich, Winchester

Just over three years ago I posted about the concept of a honeypot and promised to continue the list. I always deliver. Not quickly sometimes. And in fact this isn’t a continuation but an expansion of one of the people in the first list.

I mentioned an entry in my diary for November 18, 1962: “Ruth died, my friend.” Now I’ve found a record on FreeBMD that may be my girl. I had her as being six or seven and this child was in fact five, which would fit her being a year below me at Weeke Infants School. If she went there; I’m not sure how else I would have known her.

I also mentioned that her house may have been a large one on the corner of Andover and Park Roads. That’s hardly a reason for being a friend and may well be wrong anyway. I can’t find anything else on the Web, which isn’t surprising for an event 50 years in the past, but it is intriguing to get a possible confirmation of it.

My mother might have been able to shed more light, given the surname. When I raised it with her while she was alive, she had no recollection of the girl. However that avenue closed ten years ago. I do have volume 6b, page 800 as a reference. I wonder what’s there.

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