Ruth Gurowich, Winchester

Just over three years ago I posted about the concept of a honeypot and promised to continue the list. I always deliver. Not quickly sometimes. And in fact this isn’t a continuation but an expansion of one of the people in the first list.

I mentioned an entry in my diary for November 18, 1962: “Ruth died, my friend.” Now I’ve found a record on FreeBMD that may be my girl. I had her as being six or seven and this child was in fact five, which would fit her being a year below me at Weeke Infants School. If she went there; I’m not sure how else I would have known her.

I also mentioned that her house may have been a large one on the corner of Andover and Park Roads. That’s hardly a reason for being a friend and may well be wrong anyway. I can’t find anything else on the Web, which isn’t surprising for an event 50 years in the past, but it is intriguing to get a possible confirmation of it.

My mother might have been able to shed more light, given the surname. When I raised it with her while she was alive, she had no recollection of the girl. However that avenue closed ten years ago. I do have volume 6b, page 800 as a reference. I wonder what’s there.

2 thoughts on “Ruth Gurowich, Winchester

  1. Hi Andy

    My Mother was very friendly with the Gurowich family who used to live in Vernham Rd (until the mid 1960s) and then moved to Stockbridge Rd. Ruth did indeed go to Weeke Infant School and was tragically involved in a road accident on the Stockbrige Rd. You should remember her older brother Paul who was at Symonds about the same time as you.
    Tragically there were other tragedies that effected this poor Family in subsequent years

    All The Best

    Nick T

  2. Good to hear from you, Nick. My research at the time brought me a probable record of her parents’ marriage (somewhere in the Midlands?) and maybe her mother’s death? I also unearthed a potential brother on LinkedIn but have no recollection of a Paul at Symonds. Looks like my idea of a house on Andover Road isn’t right though.

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