Recent Migrants

The British Birding Year

They’ve been slow coming through Portishead – non-existent bar Portbury Wharf – but I’ve managed to notch a couple of early dates in the last week. The first was swifts over Barrow Gurney on the 26th. That wasn’t the intention: I was on my way to Chew Valley for black terns, which didn’t show. Still, swifts were also out in force there.

Not much else though. A day later swifts were again a story by Dowlais Farm, south of Clevedon. Again they weren’t the target; whimbrel were and they didn’t disappoint. A couple picked their way along the muddy shore. The coast was also dripping with wheatears, a few yellow wagtails flew over and a lesser whitethroat flitted through a hedgerow. It’s not often I log that before common whitethroat although one of those did pop up a few minutes later.

Then the weather kicked in and put an end to the month’s birding. Next up may be spotted flycatcher. That’s way more probable than nightingale unless I try Wetmoor again. As for Arctic tern or any sort of skua… Saints are more likely to win the Premiership.

Oh, didn’t I mention their promotion?

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  1. Now that the north-easterlies have swung round to the south, swallows, swifts and martins are streaming past Gibb Towers.

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