Plan B for the Planet

Tuesday night was half-term report at the Arnolfini for the green movement‘s progress since 1962. My assumption being that we’ll last until 2062, which may be generous. The evening was not as self-laudatory as I’d cynically supposed. Hardly at all, which, coming from a panel of optimists, might worry the worriable.

Yes, conservation groups have made progress. But octuple yes, so has industrial civilisation in its dismantling of the planet. Net result: about seven steps backwards.

A recurring theme through the discussion was how to engage those who don’t care, don’t know, deny or otherwise obfuscate. How to persuade them, how to get them rowing in our direction. Every solution seems to require this; we can’t do it alone. We need the people, business, governments and institutions on our side. Let’s call this Plan A.

However, what if no-one is going to care? What if they don’t recognise the first turd hitting the fan? What if the wake-up call never comes? What if we just surf into an ever impoverished future on diminishing waves of shifting baselines? What’s Plan B?

It’s great that folk are operating on Plan A and if we get through, we’ll use what they’ve come up with. Time is short though and we probably need to bypass the sleepwalkers before the planet bypasses the lot of us. In other words let’s deal with the fact that few give a shit so there are no viable solutions presently on the table and therefore no hope.

How do we deal with the despair?

By desperate actions. By definition.

Deep Green Resistance have one. Essentially it’s warfare, as the only way to topple violent occupiers. Read what you can of the book if you want the full rationale. The glaring loophole is the odds: so few against so many and the many will mobilise in defence of their Machine. Would that there were a smart way a handful of people could prevail.

Resistance doesn’t look good for a Plan B. True, it doesn’t require the participation of the brain-dead but it does require them to roll over and take a fucking good kicking. Which may be so of any plan born of desperation, that hotbed of Fascism, police states, fundamentalism and all the other dismal -isms. (Although we’ve never given anarchism a fair trial.)

Perhaps we need a sneaky Plan B. Any ideas? I’m fresh out.

2 thoughts on “Plan B for the Planet

  1. I vote for plan B, Deep green resistance has the best plan I know of. I have hoped for too long that plan A will work, at best it seems to only slow down the rate of destruction.

  2. Ooh, I can feel a poll coming on – just for fun; like you say, DGR seem to be the only show in town at the moment.

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