More Interesting Times

Superstorm Sandy – so sibilant and such a tongue-twister for newsreaders – recalls a post from nearly three years ago as I looked forward to more hurricanes – with their floods – wild fires and drought. I haven’t been disappointed. But how could I? The laws of physics and chemistry don’t operate at the whim of opinion or vanish in the face of campaign dollars.

So I thought a recap of the intervening period would be fun and where better to start than tropical storms? They commenced earlier this year than they had done since 1908 and seemed to have culminated with Isaac. Ah yes, you’d forgotten about that one, hadn’t you? Probably because it only affected poor, black people and they don’t count.

Then of course last year we had Irene. Wasn’t that billed as a once-in-a-lifetime storm too? I forget but doubtless it’s now the new norm.

Also the new norm are this year’s Midwest drought and its associated wildfires in early summer. Didn’t remember those either, did you? And the record temperatures across the US?

Still, things are much better here in the UK. We only suffered a drought over the winter, then had our wettest spring and yet another dismal summer and autumn. With floods. So that all evens out and makes it OK.

Jeeps! I’ve hardly gone back a year in just two countries and filled an entire post. My 2009 scribblings had me wondering if I might catch the overture to the Global Warming Show. Now it looks like the curtain is rising (as well as the tide) and I’ll enjoy the whole of Act One. I’ll also be one of the few who realise what he’s watching, one of the few who read the subtext. It’ll just be drama for everyone else.

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