Let the Time Come PDF

Let the Time Come

I’m changing Act Two of this, or rather inserting it because I feel the First Edition didn’t deliver. It’ll be interesting to see how that affects the rest of the story. You can see the work in progress so far with this free PDF. If there’s a demand (don’t all rush!), I’ll post subsequent scenes here too.

The original story will still be available on Lulu, Amazon when it gets there (including Kindle) and iBooks (also when it gets there!) until I’ve completed the rewrite. That’s the beauty of self-publishing on demand: the story can just grow.

And it’s grown for over eight years now. Back in September, 2004 I noted: “I’m going to rewrite the first 20,000 words or so: they were crap. The total count is now 42,000 and I think the rest of the book is fully plotted. I decided to do that because I felt it was meandering a bit, hence the rewrite. I don’t expect to finish the first draft until next year.”

And having abandoned it much later that next year: “I’ve got about 15,000 words into novel number three (Clearing the Brushes), which means it will pretty soon overtake number two (Flight of the Ark, languishing somewhere and hoping for an injection of plot. Maybe that’ll never happen: I’m having ideas already for number four). Everything is in first draft of course: full of typos, repetitions, deviations, departures from the truth and downright ugliness.”

Forward to LTC’s resurrection in 2007: “Guess what? This was my first attempt at a novel and I managed to complete it although it is a pile of parts – 78,000 words of parts to be accurate. But I’ve gone through the first chapter and kicked it into some sort of shape and, moreover, I’ve printed it on Lulu. I just want to see what the real article looks like before I let it loose on the world.”

So loose I let it but that’s not the end of the growth. Maybe there never will be an end.

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