Great White Egret, Meare Heath

Or is it Shapwick Heath? I call the whole area to the west of Ashcott Road the latter but eBird and BirdGuides tend to split the reserve, probably north and south of the Drain (or the old railway line). The egret was certainly to the north for my first sighting since a distant bird from Westhay Moor at the start of last year.

The two long-billed dowitchers were also still present, one sporting the reddish wash of breeding plumage so they may be off soon. The usual black-tailed godwits, one ringed plover and a marsh harrier completed the species of note.

A few swallows were in and Ham Wall, over the road, gave me the electric chatter of a sand martin. Migrants are trickling in but a trickle is what it seems to be this year. Two reed warblers also chuntered away and it’s unusual to get them before sedge warblers, of which there were none.

So, what’s up next? Cuckoo, tree pipit and wood warbler, according to my records. May have to try the Quantocks for those tomorrow. But right now… it’s the small matter of Saints at home to Reading for the Championship title, methinks.

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