Dog Chasing Swans

Ever wonder how injured birds come about? Here’s a clue. This afternoon at Portbury Wharf this sequence of pictures shows one possibility. Apologies for the quality: the action was fast and I only had my phone.

The black blob is a dog and it pretty much does a circuit of the pond in pursuit. The owner (he said he wasn’t but we’ve all heard that responsibility-evading excuse) initially tried to disassociate himself but came back when I turned the camera on him. Abuse was all he had to offer – typical dog-walker.

One thought on “Dog Chasing Swans

  1. The North Somerset Times reports another dog out of control at Portbury Wharf, this time actually in a nature reserve pond. To add insult to injury, the taxpayer had to shell out for firefighters to rescue the pest. The dog “was not harmed.” Pity: should have left him for the buzzards to pick off.

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