Confessions of a Shopaholic

A strange choice for me and way beyond the remit of this blog. However this Chick Lit tale does have some bearing on the plight of the world, which is one of my themes. And I was researching my girlies in Let the Time Come.

Actually this first book of the Shopaholic series is not half bad and if it were a satire on rampant consumerism… For instance, had George Orwell been the author, everyone would have acclaimed its irony and the exposure of capitalism’s cynical blandishments. So I rather enjoyed the story in that framework.

The protagonist lives in her own dream world, as the original title of the book suggested. Years of consumer bombardment doubtless built her into this starring role. Sophie Kinsella shows the way that not even reality can change such a mindset; events get reinterpreted to fit the internal model. This explains the behaviour of many, especially the young.

One wonders if Sophie means it this way, but not for long. The ending just has to be a vindication of the greed system or the book wouldn’t have been published, far less sold as many as it has. One could view the piece as a fine character study with knowing overtones nonetheless.

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