Birding in the Rain

The weather is keeping my usual start to the month list at bay – weather that’s entirely consistent with global warming, by the way. And not just in this country: it’s all over the States at the moment.

Still, let’s carry on fiddling (that should have been a film in the famous series) while Rome burns. What has been happening on the birding front since my last post four weeks ago?

The year list rose by one not long after with a common tern in the solid rain (weather again already?) at Arrow Valley Park, Redditch. My route back from the Midlands took me through the Forest of Dean and a superb patch over the road from New Fancy View. It was dripping with tree pipits, and a calling wood warbler was also a first for 2012.

Largely confined to Phoenix Way for the rest of June, the backyard started delivering. I’ve already mentioned how prison-like it is but a wood pigeon and house sparrows found their way in, the latter polishing off the feeder that’s been hanging there since the month dot. Not species to set the pulse racing but exciting among the breeding units of Port Marine.

This last week has seen me shuttling in and out of Bristol. It was heartening to watch house martins and a swift at the Hotwells end of the Floating Harbour but the trips were more about business. Joining the University Library as an alumnus was one reason; that’ll save some money on research. I wish I’d thought of it before!

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