American Robins, 2001

For some reason my California writings lurch forward to December 23rd at Fremont Older OSP in Cupertino. Or is it Saratoga? Since I count Stevens Creek CP as being in the former – or at least the bit I used to frequent – then Cupertino it is for me.

Anyway: a mass movement of American robins was “not still fall migration though, was it? I considered it an end-of-day flight from feeding to roosting areas. I used to live on Page Mill Road in Los Altos Hills and grew familiar with robins flying up our canyon in the morning on presumably the reverse journey. (And the ravens flew the other way round, down into the valley early in the day.)

“I was at Arastradero the following afternoon and again there were many AMROs flying hither and thither, but with no discernible pattern that time.”

Posts in November had related several incredible American robin migration days at Hawk Hill. This is north of the Golden Gate Bridge in the Marin Headlands. Totals from four of those days were: 4214; 2700; 7588 and 2366, with most birds headed over to the East Bay. What was the species doing in 2001?

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