Yes, I Have Seen a Ptarmigan!

It’s in what I described as “the beginning birder’s starter pack.” In my case because I used to tramp the Munros round Loch Awe and Loch Leven in the early 90’s and the most ignorant non-birder could hardly fail to notice the grouse-like things he was almost stepping on. My first encounter was up Ben Cruachan although my Wildlife Recorder sighting has it as Glencoe. That’s something to do with wishful thinking about a red kite. I need to scrub that one from the log.

Either way I hadn’t located the site in Birdstack so ptarmigan wasn’t registering in my UK list. Now it is and the list is up-to-date to mid-2007, which is where the import has got to. Just to belt-and-braces the species, I’ve also pinpointed Glen Feshie and Cairngorm as my other ptarmigan locations. In fact a nice side-effect of accurately identifying Ben Cruachan is that the species enters my Argyll & Bute list. That’s where the mountain is and it ain’t moving.

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